What types of hospitals are allowed to participate?

All hospitals located in China can participate. Small and big hospitals have equal chances of winning because the awards are for the success of projects, programs or services that were implemented during the award period and not for overall excellence of the hospital. In this sense public and private hospitals also have equal chances of winning.

What types of projects/programmes can be nominated?

Any project that fits the 6 categories can be submitted. Entries must be featuring the projects of hospitals related to these categories showcasing the improvement seen in the hospital and its impact to the patients, staff, and community.

In all cases, there should be objective, quantifiable, and verifiable measurements as to the effectiveness of the project.

Can one hospital project or programme be entered in more than one category?

Yes, this can be done if it applies to more than one category.

How can I submit our entries?

Submission will be done via an online form. Visit this link to submit your entries: https://www.judgify.me/HMC2018

Do we need to create an account for online submission?

Yes, you will need to create an account via this submission link. You can also use the same account for all the submissions in your hospital. Entries can be submitted on different dates. But if you have already created an account, you can use the same username and password to log-in.

What and how many supporting materials can be submitted?

All entries need to be accompanied by up to five attached documentation to support your entry such as the following. Attached files must be no larger than 2MB each. Documents must be in .pdf, .doc (word) and .PPT format, images must be in .jpg format. No exceptions sorry. No video can be attached.

  •       Press reports
  •       Awards won
  •       Commendations received
  •       Comments and testimonials from stakeholders
  •       Measurable results achieved

Anything to convince the judges that your entry meets the criteria best. Please note that supporting materials MUST be in English or, if they are in another language, a certified translation must be provided.

What is the CEO Endorsement Form?

The CEO needs to sign an endorsement form of authenticity for the entries. This form is included in the 5 allowed supporting materials. Click HERE to download the template of the form.

When is the deadline for nomination of hospital projects?

Deadline for submission of entries is on Friday, 15 June 2018. And as a general rule, and except in special exigencies, we will not extend the deadline.

Is there a fee for entering/nominating?

Yes. There is a nominal fee of RMB 350 for hospitals that will submit their entries.

Who are the judges? How will they judge? Or how do they pick the winners and excellence awardees?

HMA China partners and specially selected experts are formed into six (6) judging sub-committees, one for every award category. These judging teams review the entries submitted to them, and make final recommendations to the conference advisory committee. 

The Boards of Judges consists of representatives from local or international hospital associations, selected speakers, members of the Advisory Board, and healthcare leaders in the region. The selections of the judging teams are then compiled by the secretariat and approved by the chairman of the awards.

The successful hospitals are those who in the OPINION of the judges’ best fit the category criteria. There is usually one winner and one to three excellence awardee. Note that if there are no exceptional projects submitted in a category, the Board of Judges is not committed to give an award.


When is the announcement of results?

You will be notified through email on the week of 29 June 2018And finalists will also be posted on the website.

How are winners announced? Or is there an awards night?

The award presentation ceremony will take place during the Cocktails and Awards Night at the first edition of the Hospital Management Asia (HMA) - China 2018 on 18 July 2018 in Wuxi, China.

For inquiries regarding the nomination feel free to contact the award secretariat at infoasia@clarionevents.com or call us at +65 6590 3970.