Supporting Organisations

The conference is co-hosted by Hospital Management Asia and Wuxi No.2 Hospital, co-sponsored by Jiangsu Province Hospital Association and supported by the Chinese Hospital Association. 

About Wuxi No. 2 Hospital

Founded in 1908 as an episcopal hospital, Wuxi No. 2 Hospital is one of the few hospitals with a centurial history in the Jiangsu Province. It is also the only hopsital that was presented with an International Award, a symbol of excellence recognised by the International Hospital Federation (IHF), and Special Awards from Asian Hospital Management Award (AHMA). It is a Tertiary A general hospital, and accredited by JCI in 2015 before got 6-level accreditation of HIMSS EMRAM as the first accredited hospital in Jiangsu and the 22nd in China Mainland.

Wuxi No.2 Hospital and Wuxi No.5 Hospital established the Wuxi Puren Medical Group in 2016, adopting a group management mode under the leadership of the Board. The Group is also the first to feature 16 provincial key clinical departments and 6 municipal key departments.

The hospital led the refined hospital management across China, an IHF International Award in 2015 and 8 Asian Hospital Management Awards from 2013 to 2017. It won 3 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Prizes respectively in 2009, 2013 and 2017, along with 3 Chinese Hospital Association Hospital Science and Technology Innovation Awards respectively in 2011, 2013, and 2015. The hospital also won the Tengfei Prize 4 times, the highest honour for science and technology recognised by the Wuxi Municipal Government.