List of Winners


CATEGORY: Best Clinical Service Project


Gold Award Winners:

华中科技大学同济医学院附属协和医院 - 建立中国基层医院急性心肌梗死溶栓后经皮冠状动脉介入治疗新模式

Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology – The construction of a new model of transfer of percutaneous coronary intervention after thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction in primary hospitals of China 

无锡市第二人民医院 - 降低RCA门诊手术管理成本

Wuxi No.2 People's Hospital – Reduce costs in pathway management of ambulatory operation by RCA


Runners-up (Excellence Award):

东莞市常平医院 - 应用质控圈降低中晚期妊娠瘢痕子宫中胎盘误诊率

Dongguan City Changping Hospital – Application of quality control circle in reducing the rate of misdiagnosis of placenta increta in scar uterus in mid-late term pregnancy 

南京医科大学附属淮安市第一人民医院 - 精密管理在大型医院门诊过程改进中的应用

The Affiliated Huaian No.1 People's Hospital of Nanjing Medical University – The application of precision management in the process improvement of outpatient service in large hospitals


CATEGORY: Best Community Involvement Project


Gold Award Winners:

台州恩泽医疗中心 - 建设家居护理人才培养体系,建设健康界推荐0.5公里家居护理服务圈

Taizhou Enze Medical Center – Construction of Home Care Talents’ Training System to build a 0.5 kilometer Home Care Service Circle

四川大学华西医院 - 县公立医院大型综合医院运行管理模式的实践

West China Hospital, Sichuan University – Practice of operation and management mode of large comprehensive hospitals in county-level public hospitals


Runners-up (Excellence Award):

赤峰学院附属医院 - 赤峰城粉丝带在起舞

Affiliated Hospital of Chifeng University - Pink ribbon dancing in Chifeng City

河南省人民医院 - 96195河南省人民医院服务平台为患者提供优质的医疗服务

Henan Provincial People's Hospital - 96195 Service Platform of Henan Province People's Hospital Provides Excellent Medical Services for Patients

恩施州中心医院 - 医院感染管理进入社区

The Central Hospital of Enshi Autonomous Prefecture – Hospital Infection Control into the Community


CATEGORY: Best ICT Innovation Project


Gold Award Winners:

湖州中心医院 - 创新型创伤急救应急管理系统的开发

Huzhou Central Hospital – Development of an innovative Emergency Management System in Traumatic Shock

青岛大学附属医院 - 计算机辅助手术系统和手术智能显示系统的开发和临床应用

The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University – The development and clinical application of computer-assisted surgery system and surgery intelligent display system


Runners-up (Excellence Award):

江苏大学附属医院 - 基于物联网的ST段抬高型心肌梗死新合作方式的临床应用

Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University – Clinical application of a new cooperative approach for ST-elevation myocardial infarction based on Internet of things

春雨医生 - 春雨医生在无锡二院,燕达医院等的在线就诊平台构建

Beijing Chun Yu Tian Xia Software Co., Ltd. - Chunyu Yisheng’s Online patient engagement platform of Wuxi No. 2 Hospital, Yanda Hospital, etc.

北京大学第三医院 - 建立支持科研与运营管理的资源数据库

Peking University 3rd Hospital – Establishing a Resource Data Repository Supporting Scientific Research and Operations Management

无锡二院 - 医院引入e医疗--创慢病管理新模式

Wuxi No.2 People’s Hospital - Introduce E-Medicine: Chronic Disease Management Innovation


CATEGORY: Best Patient Safety Project


Gold Award Winners:

嘉兴中医院 - 减少不必要的药物,让患者更安全,我们在行动

Jiaxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Reduce unnecessary medications and make patients safer, we are in action

华中科技大学同济医学院协和医院 - 患者“零自杀”行动 - 我们在行动

Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Patient "Zero Suicide" Initiative—We are in action


Runners-up (Excellence Award):

中国水利水电第十三工程局医院 - “心手同步”战略提高医院手卫生符合性“

China Water Resource and Hydropower No.13th Engineering Bureau Hospital – "Heart-Hand Synchronization" Strategy Improves  Hospital Hand Hygiene Compliance"


First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University - Research and practice of hospital security human resources configurations

宁波市第四医院 - 关注婴幼儿安全,不断完善婴幼儿诱拐预防制度

Ningbo Fourth Hospital - Pay Close Attention to Infant Security, and Continuously Improve Infant Abduction Prevention System

镇江市第一人民医院 - 提高高危药物的安全性:利用FMEA优化门诊患者膀胱灌注化疗

Zhenjiang First People Hospital – To Improve the safety of High-Alert Medication: Utilizing the FMEA to optimize the chemotherapy with bladder irrigation in outpatient setting



CATEGORY: Nursing Excellence


Gold Award Winners:

南京医科大学附属第二医院 - 创新护理培训模式:护理专业核心竞争力模块的开发与应用

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University – Innovative nursing training mode: development and application of core competence module of nursing specialty

首都医科大学宣武医院 - 大数据监护与护理核心质量管理

Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University – Monitoring and Management of Nursing Core Quality by Big Data


Runners-up (Excellence Award):

广州花都妇幼保健院 - 改善流产后持续使用高效避孕方法

Huadu Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Guangzhou – Improve the continuous use of high-effective contraceptive methods after abortion

南京鼓楼医院-南京地区“医院 - 社区 - 家庭”姑息治疗三级链接模式的构建与应用

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital - Construction and Application of the Three-Level-Linkage Model of "Hospital-Community-Family" of Palliative Care in Nanjing Area


Suining Central Hospital - An Immediate, Convenient Delivering System The Application of Self-service Delivering System for Sterile Packs Based on Traceable System Management

华中科技大学同济医学院协和医院 - 由护士组织的自愿食管言语训练,帮助喉癌患者恢复语音的好方法

Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Voluntary esophageal speech training organized by nurses, good way to help the laryngectomees recover voice


CATEGORY: Hospital Chief Executive of the Year


Gold Award Winners:

北京和睦家医院 - 由妇产科诊所改为全科医院

Beijing United Family Hospital – Transformation from a Maternity Clinic to a Full-Service Hospital

无锡市第二人民医院 - 建立中国精细医院的动态基准

Wuxi No.2 People's Hospital – Establish a dynamic benchmark of Chinese refined hospitals


Runners-up (Excellence Award):

河南省人民医院 - 建立医疗卫生服务体系模型

Henan Provincial People's Hospital – Construction of Medical Health Service System Model

恩施自治州中心医院 - 硒与人体健康研究

The Central Hospital of Enshi Autonomous Prefecture - Research on selenium and human health

华中科技大学同济医学院协和医院 - 恢复合理诊治,以合理的价格提供优质的医疗服务

Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Return to Reasonable Diagnosis and Treatment, Provide Medical Services with “Appropriate Price and Good Quality”