Terms and conditions

1. Eligibility

All hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions in China are eligible to be nominated as winners for the six listed categories. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, companies, associations and government institutions from around the world can nominate any hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions in China for the awards. There is no limit to the number of nominations per hospital.

2. Entry Fee

Submissions will be done online via the system: https://www.judgify.me/HMC2018

Each submission should include the details of the projects and supporting documents such as photos, feedbacks from stakeholders, result presentation, press releases, etc. 

Each project submission has a nominal fee of RMB 350. Those who will be nominated by Associations in China are free of charge.

3. Entry Questions

There are five questions per category which are generally the same. And word limits are 200-350 depending on the questions. Entries will be asked for the background, goals, measurements used, benefits, results, and closing words per project or programme submitted. 

To check the specific questions per category, please click here.

4. Supporting Materials

All entries need to be accompanied by attached documentation to support your entry such as:

  • *Press reports
  • *Awards won
  • *Commendations received
  • *Comments and testimonials from stakeholders
  • *Measurable results achieved
  • *Anything to convince the judges that your entry meets the criteria best.

Supporting materials MUST be in English or, if they are in another language, a certified translation must be provided. You may send up to 5 attachments of any other supporting material together with your online entry form.

Attached files must be no larger than 2MB each. Documents must be in .pdf, .doc (word) and .PPT format, images must be in .jpg format. No exceptions sorry.

5. CEO Endorsement Form

The CEO or Hospital Director needs to sign a certification of authenticity. Click HERE to download the form.

For any inquiries, you may contact the secretariat directly at InfoAsia@clarionevents.com or send us your enquiry via the Contact Us form.

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