2nd Annual Asian Hospital

Fine Management Seminar

13-14 November 2019

Guangzhou, China

This 2nd annual Asian Hospital Fine Management Seminar in China is an annual event for C-level executives,
directors and healthcare leaders to exchange insights on healthcare management thinking, best practices and solutions.

This 2nd edition will be held in the city of Guangzhou from 13 to 14 November 2019, in partnership with
Wuhan Delivree Enterprise Management Consulting Co Ltd to host the seminar in line with
its other activities to promote the professionalisation of hospitals in China.

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Keynote Speaker

Roberta Lipson
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
United Family Healthcare


Dr Chen Yong Jun
Hospital Director
Suining Central Hospital

Dr Chen Haixiao
Taizhou Enze Medical Center

Katty Hu
Vice President of Human Resources
United Family Healthcare

Dr Jiang Hui
Hubei Yangming Institute of Psychology
Zhangzhou Hospital of Fujian Province

Dr Lee Wei Min
West China Clinical Medical College/Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University

Li Bing
Chief Editor
China 'voice of nursing' network

Dr Li Tong
President / Party Secretary
Tianjin Third Central Hospital

Dr Shen Rui Lin
Chief Executive Officer
Jiaxing Chinese Medicine Hospital

Dr Shi Jia Ming
Dean and Party Secretary
Tieli People's Hospital

Dr Wang Jing Ming
Executive Director
China Health Group Co LTD

Dr Wei Tie Min
Lishui Municipal Central Hospital 

Dr Kelly Xia
Chief Medical Officer, Pediatrician
Guangzhou United Family Hospital / United Family Healthcare

Dr Yang Zhi Ping
Hospital CEO
Bayannur Hospital

Dr Zhang Li Min
Hospital CEO
Affiliated Hospital of Chifeng University

Dr Zhang Tong
Committee Secretary/Hospital CEO
Jiangsu Province Xinghua People's Hospital

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